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Business Development Services
Business Development Services are services to entrepreneurs and managers who recognize that they must make changes in their organizations to promote growth and profit.
These entrepreneurs and managers may know their core business well, but because of a lack of time, resources, or information, they are limited in their development potential. Technical Partners provides the resources to give a fresh look at the Clientís business to determine ways to:
  • increase profit,
  • increase sales,
  • decrease costs,
  • look for other opportunities,
  • make life easier
Technical Partners proposes to develop a program which will suit the Clientís requirements in developing the business. This could be a short term or long term plan.
Specialist input will be provided to review and improve client operations including:
  • review and definition of ownerís objectives
  • internal operations including
    • administration and bookkeeping,
    • personnel selection, evaluation and effectivity upgrading
    • manufacturing or operating methods
  • external operations including:
    • marketing methods
    • sales and service methods
To start the process, a scoping study / evaluation of the clientís business will be completed. This would involve:
  1. An interview at the Consultantís office,
  2. The Consultant will review available information before the interview which should include:
    1. Profit/loss statements for the last 3 years,
    2. Review of web sites, marketing materials,
    3. Business plans or any relevant written information
  3. The following subject areas will be considered during the interview:
    1. Business Plan
    2. Company description
    3. Nature of Business
    4. The target market
    5. The competition
    6. Marketing and sales strategy 
    7. Operations
    8. Management and organization
    9. Development and exit plans
    10. Financials
A report and discussion on further action based on the above subject areas. Technical Partners is prepared to assist the Client in the implementation of the program.
Proposals for the further development will be provided to the Client.
At the end of the study, the Client can decide as to whether or not to continue the program and, if so, in what format and under what conditions.

For more information, contact Ed Kalvins at ed.kalvins@tpriga.lv 


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