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Technical Partners International Inc. / TP Riga
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Food and Pharmaceuticals

Regulatory & Compliance, Equipment Qualification & Process Validation, QA Services for Pharma, Biotech and Cosmetic Industries  Engineering, procurement and construction management. Expertise in food and beverage. 
Process and equipment design for the food and pharmaceutical industries 
Development/improvement of water treatment and infrastructure, development/extension of wastewater treatment facilities, design and implementation of irrigation schemes
Sterilizer for infectious waste solutions dealing with hospital/clinical waste, airline/ship waste and liquid waste.
Custom environmental and cleanrooms, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, control systems
Liquid and gas processing, customized process plants (food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical), high precision measurement devices (density and concentration)
Odor Control Systems
Maintenance Management specialists  
Software for preventive maintenance 
Project Management for small to mid-sized manufacturers, municipalities, non-profits and businesses
Fast and high performance in-line water analysis (TOC, COD, BOD, Toxicity, TNb/TP) for environmental and industrial applications.
Stormwater management and water treatment, rainwater harvesting and percolation, and water treatment and greywater recycling
Water purification systems, online TOC analysers, amino acid analysis – ion chromatography

Marine biological company specializing in water quality and innovative, sustainable treatment technologies. Activated Filter Media.