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Technical Partners International Inc. / TP Riga
Vienības gatve 109, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia

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Technical Partners is a consultancy that provides support for

  • entering new markets, and
  • facility or production expansion projects.

How: With an extensive network of specialists
Technical Partners uses its extensive international and local network of specialists to support market entry and facility or production expansion projects by use of the PM-PROformance™ System, a project management method developed by Technical Partners to support small and medium businesses.
Objective: To be reliable part of a client’s organization
Technical Partners intends to be a reliable and integral part of our client’s organization providing technical, engineering and administrative expertise whenever our Client requires it so that he can concentrate on his business objectives and maximize his profit, and to work as if we are part of the Client’s Engineering/Technical Department or Administrative Group.

The result: A transparent system of enhanced communication
When we work on a project, we make sure that the Client gets what he thinks he is going to get when he enters a new market, purchases equipment or builds new facilities, or introduces new systems. We do this with documentation and methods developed over the years and are extremely proud of our methodology and organizational abilities. This is perhaps our main strength which serves everyone involved (owner, supplier, project manager) extremely well.
We invite you to look at our services and project work.