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Cheese does not contain preservatives. Butter of rapes is used.

Product storage temperature: 0° - 6° C

Shelf-life: 30 days.

Goat cheese ,,Labrīt,, 0,250 kg with garlic

Goat cheese ,,Labrīt,, 0,105 kg with garlic


Goat cheese ,,Labrīt,, 0,105 kg without garlic

First produced in Latvia matured semi-hard goat's milk cheese "KAZDANGERS".

The fat content of 50%, non-fat parts of humidity 59.2%

Nutritional value 100g of product: 29g fat, 23g protein, 1.8g carbohydrates.

Energy: 360 kcal/1495 kJ.

The storage temperature: of +2 C - +6 C.

Use before: 60 days.

Goat's milk has many unique properties which are not in cow’s milk, but in terms of their health, even healthier.

In goat milk the being albumen forgives cheese snow whiteness and also unique taste bouquet.

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