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Technical Partners International Inc. / TP Riga
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LINGUS Training & Consulting focuses services in three areas:

  • Success and Performance: Management and Leadership Training / Skills Training / Executive Coaching / Individual Counseling / Outdoor Training
  • Physical and Mental Health: Individual Therapy Consulting / Meditation and Healthy for Life Support / Life Coaching / Awareness Workshops and Discussions
  • Communication and Image: Effective Communication Training / Consulting in image-Protocol and Görgü / Change Consultancy

Customer Focus

  • Recognition and respect, and to be honest, ethical and focused
  • Focus on the continuity of technological innovation
  • Quality and strong focus on human resources
  • Disciplined and consistent focus to grow
  • Sustainable source of income and profitability focus
  • Focus on operational efficiency
  • Strong focus on distribution channels
  • Risk management and control-oriented approach
  • Corporate governance and social responsibility and global impact focus
  • Cost and lead to differences

Courses and seminars include:

Training of trainers

Personal Development Programs:

  • phone sales-customer relations and communication skills in nlp training
  • body language
  • effective speaking people
  • executive assistant training for effective speech and body language
  • correct use of key language for excellent sales

Special Programs

  • bank risk (active / passive management
  • financial management expertise the certification program

General Accounting Certification Program

  • behavior molds special education
  • leadership development program

International Affairs / Law Programs

  • sea trade law
  • competition law and policy

Accounting and Finance Programs

  • economy reading map
  • international financial reporting standards (ifrs)
  • operating budget for strategic management accounting
  • financial management for non financier
  • analysis of financial statements  
  • credit analysis  

Basic Investment Analysis

  • revaluation project
  • bank accounting
  • basic and additional financial statements and analysis of organized be

Cost Accounting and New Approaches

  • accounting for non accountants (general accounting)
  • inventory and balance sheet (operations)  
  • financial management in business

Risk Management (Futures and Options Exchange-Derivatives Markets)

  • company appraisal
  • period of crisis and the financial structure analysis of the bank held and
  • investment project evaluation

Administration and Logistics Programs

  • logistics and logistics applications
  • logistics management program in NATO AQAP standards to work with (AQAP standards in doing business w / NATO)
  • the speed logistics management (velocity management in logistics)
  • logistics supply systems approach (life cycle model)
  • approach in system acquisition logistics (life cycle model)
  • purchasing management
  • logistics management
  • supply chain management
  • process management
  • warehouse and inventory management in logistics decisions and models
  • e-logistics and e-commerce applications
  • measurements of logistics performance and quality
  • transportation and transportation management

Health Programs

  • corporate health living with art
  • methods of stress and stress coping

Note: Not all programs are offered in all the regions served by Technical Partners. Contact our office for details.

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