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Investment Projects In Latvia

September, 2018 
Technical Partners (TP) is an investment project facilitator in Latvia. Included are major development projects, but also start-ups and business restructuring or expansion projects. Investors can rely on TP’s knowledge of the market and conditions in Latvia and be a trusted partner for ventures in Latvia. Project owners are helped to define their projects and associated requirements through TP’s Investor and Partner Acquisition Services - see http://tpriga.lv/investor-and-partner-acquisition-servicesHelp is also provided by networking with international investors.
The following are projects that TP is currently working with. Details are available on request.
  • Energy from waste using gasification: for companies involved in energy generation and/or investing in green energy. CHP (combined heat and power) projects will use ATT (advanced thermal treatment) technology to process municipal solid waste, commercial wastes and hazardous waste, and produce and sale electricity and heat. A current project providing 2 MWe and 5 MWth seeks a €7.2 million investment which could serve as a first plant for a major roll-out program in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) which could involve some 4 to 10 plants in the 1.0 to 2.0 MWe range.
  • Energy from waste using gasification: A UK equipment supplier has developed a prototype gasification system that is available for inspection. They now require a  €6.0 million investment for the production of a commercial unit in order to expedite the sales process.
  • Energy from waste using gasification: A major landfill operator in Northern Europe has recognized the need to meet EU waste management directives and intends to install waste processing facilities in the €100.0 million (+/-) range. The project is in its infancy and development is still required.
  • Medical Services: An establish medical services provider in Latvia is undergoing the establishment of a private hospital. This is taking place in three stages. The first stage (€8.0 million) has been completed. The second stage has received €8.0 million in bank financing, but an additional €4.0 million is required. A further €14.0 million is required for the third stage, bringing the total capital requirement to €18.0 million. A strategic partner or investor is required.
  • Fish Processing Plant: A loan of €1.46 million is sought for the relocation of a 90 year old salt fish production business from Norway to Latvia by assisting with the financing of the construction of a new facility and its working capital. The construction project is estimated to be €2.4 million. An EU grant for €461,000 has been secured, and the owners are putting in €530,000 cash, €100,000 for financing stock and €532,000 equipment from the Norwegian plant.
  • Cardboard production facility: €110 million required for a carton manufacturing facility which will produce ecological biodegradable cardboard packing from wheat straw using Arbokem Inc. (Canada) patented technology.
  • The purchase of an existing paperboard manufacturing facility in Latvia and modernizing it with technology supplied by a Canadian technology management and R&D company to produce bleached wastepaper paperboard by a method (patent pending) for the practical conversion of brown Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) into bleached OCC using non-Cl2 based chemicals. €8.0 million is required. Product sales are assured by the Canadian company and the technology license applies to the Baltic region.
  • The establishment of a hydrometallurgical plant in Latvia that will produce molybdenum, tungsten and other metal oxides and concentrates utilizing molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W), vanadium (V), nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co) contained in the used catalysts from oil refinery factories, as well as ferro-alloys. €4.0 million required for €6.4 million project, of which €2.6 million is provided by the Owners. For a smaller scale operation,  €1.5 million required for a €2.3 million project of which €0.8 million is provided by the Owners.
  • Medical devices innovation for the development, manufacture and distribution of a Smart Phone controlled home-use herpes treatment low-intensity laser therapy device. A low-intensity laser medical professional has developed a patented device and prototype that is ready for further development and market entry. A loan or investment of €575,000 is required to cover development expenses, office expenses, promotion and working capital.
  • Mobile Lab for Water Monitoring: Develop a water monitoring business using the LAR mobile laboratory as a basis in a private company funded by private investors for use in the Baltics States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). LAR Process Analysers AG of Berlin, Germany, a leading supplier of  online analysers for the determination of  sum parameters in water, has completed a successful pilot project in South Africa by developing and supplying a mobile laboratory (ML) for water monitoring. Such a facility is not available in the Baltics. €22 million in EU financing will be available for water monitoring in Latvia alone over the next few years. This is suitable for the Baltic Sea region. The investment requirement is for €450,000 of a €700,000 project to be invested over two years as the project develops.
  • Film production: for institutions involved in and/or investing in film production. Establish a “one-stop shopping” marketing and general contracting company that brings together the resources of numerous Latvian film producers and industry service providers, and related institutions that will promote the industry internationally and encourages film producers to use Latvia as a venue. The company seeks €200,000 to build on existing services already being provided locally.
  • Retirement Village: for institutions involved in and/or investing in Aged Care facilities and projects. This is an aged care development project which, when complete, will accommodate 800 residents over the age of 55 years and provide employment for 900 people in a gated retirement community. The project was started in 2006 but suspended in 2008 because of the crisis. €60,000 equity is required in the first three months for start-up costs and setting up issues related to the development of the project, and €1.1 million in the first year, which will include land acquisition, review/finalization of the development plan, concept designs and marketing. Total project costs are in the €70 million range, though the project is completed in 10 phases with most costs financed from sales. A total of €3 million in equity and €9 million in loans is required to initiate the project.  Approximately 100 people had registered for the project before it was suspended.
  • Infrastructure Management: Develop an infrastructure management business using advanced software and know-how in a private Joint Venture (JV) company funded by private investors for use in the Baltics States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) to cost-effectively manage municipal infrastructure assets ranging from county roads, city streets, sidewalks, curb and gutter, signs and signals, bridges, parking lots, wastewater and storm drainage systems, water pipelines, park features and other miscellaneous assets. It involves purchasing and equipping a mobile unit (MU) that will collect data, then provide services to administer the maintenance program. A U.S.A. based company is providing the expertise, and is the infrastructure management software developer. The investment requirement is for €700,000 of a total of €1,100,000 to be invested in the first six months of the project. The US company is prepared to invest €400,000 of the capital requirement.
  • Sawmill: institutions involved in and/or investing in sawn lumber facilities and projects. To become a strategic partner or investor in a growth industry and an established sawmilling operation. An investment between €2.0 and €4.0 million is required.

Further information is available for the above projects.

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