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Engineer:           How much do you charge?
Lawyer:             €1,000 an hour.
Engineer:           Could I please have five minutes of your time?

The reality is, when we need help, we all want the very best service for the lowest cost - fast. That’s why Technical Partners do project work the way we do. 

When you look at our “Our Team” section, you’ll see numerous specialists who are not employees of Technical Partners. We all understand that a client is willing to pay for value added services – and nothing more. Our strategic alliances with other specialists allow us to cherry pick the services required by our clients so they pay only for what they want and get. We also cut costs by using modern technologies such as SKYPE for communications and effective written communications to reduce non-productive activities such as travel, waiting for information and meetings, etc. 

We recognized that effective communication of information is the secret of project success. The development of the PM-PROformance™ project management system (http://pm-proformance.com/) addresses this and was the result of years of experience in smaller operations. Traditional project management is fine when building bridges and highways, but most business or technical managers can’t afford such luxuries, but need the same results. Technical Partners works with these managers to give them the expertise they can’t afford to hire on a permanent basis.

But let’s understand what’s important! 

For us, written documentation is not written documentation. It is part of the thought process required to understand, to avoid mistakes. Writing forces one to think, to be responsible and allows others to review and contribute. The foundations of PM-PROformance™ centre around the User Requirement Specification (URS) which tells a supplier what is wanted, or the Information Memorandum (IM) which tells the investor or strategic partner what is proposed, required and offered. And it all ends with a Project or Plant Master File which archives valuable information protecting the Intellectual Property (IP) of an owner should a key employee leave.

We get particular satisfaction helping clients with project development, developing export markets, identifying what REALLY goes on in their operations, establishing controls and reporting systems for their companies, and helping with investments.

This is what makes the world go ‘round. No doubt we can help to make your life easier and more profitable. We’d be happy to hear from you to discuss how.

Best regards,

Ed Kalvins,
President & CEO,
Technical Partners International Inc., / “TP Riga” SIA
+371 29 255 223


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